A Mother/Daughter Trip

When I planned a Mother/Daughter trip back in April, I had visions of my sixteen year-old and I laughing, fighting and pushing ourselves beyond our capabilities. This was going to be a bike trip in Denmark, a country we had never been to and didn’t know beyond the terrain of Google Maps. A few days before the trip, I was having major anxiety and rethinking the whole idea. My daughter Noa looked at me and said, DSC_4160_aero28“I knew you were going to do this!” She has seen me change plans countless times, and this was no different. Well, one thing for sure, I was not going to waste our airline tickets or our pre-purchased hostel stays.

Marstal ships have sailed the world, and they are still at the epicenter of the town’s activities

So on a rainy morning in late July we flew from D.C. to the biking capital of the world, Copenhagen. After spending a few days in the city, our real adventure began. Traveling by train and bus to Svendborg, the capital of South Fyn, we took the Aeroskobing Ferry to the beautiful island of Aero. Four hours later, we arrived on Aero, located in the Baltic Sea’s South Funen Archipelago.


We hopped on the local bus to a town called Marstal. Not knowing where to get off, we ended up walking a few unnecessary kilometers to the Femmasteren Hotel & Hostel. Ulla, the owner of this 26 room facility greeted us with a warm smile and open arms before leading us to our room. After walking down a long dark corridor, we entered a sweet room overlooking the harbor.



After unpacking, we walked around the charming village, noticing the fairy-tale like colorful homes surrounded by cobblestone streets. One of three towns on the island, Marstal, with its dockyards, shipping companies, and nautical school has a long maritime history. For generations, Marstal ships have sailed the world, and they are still at the epicenter of the town’s activities.



After having our required afternoon cappuccinos, we walked down the road to the sea. Passing beautiful yachts in the harbor, we headed to the tip of the island where we encountered lilliputian thatched roof cabanas set on the marshes and overlooking the Baltic. The sky and sea seemed to meld together with their common steely gray color.





On one of the days we spent on Aero, Noa and I rented bikes, taking a flat route that meandered along the coast. The scenery was magical as we passed fields of pristine farmlands on one side and the sea on the other. After two hours, we came to the town of Aeroskobing. The town dates back to the early Middle Ages, and many of its houses are unconditionally preserved owing to strict local development guidelines. After a delicious veggie-burger lunch with homemade fries and mandatory mayo dipping sauce, we headed back to Marstal on our bikes along the same route we came down on.



We came home a few days ago, and I’m thinking of our time away. The trip turned out differently than my original plan, but as with most trips, one comes back with fresh eyes. We did not have our original long-distance bike trip, but Noa and I did laugh, fight and push ourselves just the same.