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Boats of the World

This summer, we asked our readers to send in photos of local boats so we could explore the unique crafts from around the globe. Below, we have that result. Click through the images below to see some amazing photography of some amazing boats (many have multiple images within...

Roaming the Seas with Rachel Rudwall

Rachel Rudwall is a modern day explorer who, on any given day, can be found diving the depths of the world's oceans or scaling its renowned peaks. She is a traveler after our own hearts. Her adventures have spanned climbing the heights of the 5,895 meter (19,341 foot) Mount...

Call for Submissions

Lighthouses of the World

Lighthouses are perhaps one of the most beautiful man made structures along any given coast. They are often the subject of postcards and romantic visions of a solitary light beckoning their captain's return. These towering sentinels are as varied as the people that inhabit their surrounding lands...

Mike Anderson F/V Rimrack Squid

Fishing Squid

When you get an opportunity to fish squid, you take it. I once again got a chance to head out on the F/V Rimrack with Captain Mike Anderson, his wonderful daughter Kelsea, and hammer-beard deckhand Brian Flood. I also went out with them in April 2015 to shoot and write...

Lomi Lomi Salmon

Photo by stu_spivack / CC BY 2.0 Lomi Lomi Salmon is a wonderful Hawaiian side dish I first had when visiting the islands back in 1990. There's a nice history of it on Wikipedia if you want to learn more of its origins. The ingredients are simple, but blend together...