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Lomi Lomi Salmon

Photo by stu_spivack / CC BY 2.0 Lomi Lomi Salmon is a wonderful Hawaiian side dish I first had when visiting the islands back in 1990. There's a nice history of it on Wikipedia if you want to learn more of its origins. The ingredients are simple, but blend together...

Traditional New England Steamers

Photo by T. Tseng / CC BY 2.0 Here is another fantastic New England summer tradition - at least in my house growing up. Steamers! There was nothing like sitting in front of a pile of steamers (softshell / long neck clams) on the picnic table at our camp in...

Photo by Michael Saechang

New England Clam Chowder

Photo by Michael Saechang / CC BY 2.0 I truly believe nothing warms the soul more than a steaming cup of New England clam chowder (chowda!) with a side of Oyster crackers. My family has been making this for generations and it continues to be a staple meal for us....

The Nice Guy from Rye

The Nice Guy from Rye

It's 4:15am on a bone-chilling spring morning where winter is still holding its icy grip on the partially frozen waters of a small New Hampshire harbor when I arrive at the docks to meet up with Mike Anderson, owner of the 51 foot Novi fishing vessel called the F/V...

Photo by Bill Couch

Traditional New England Lobster Roll

Photo by Bill Couch / CC BY 2.0   For this great New England tradition, you'll need to either steam/boil your own lobster or pick up the fresh meat in the market.  Be sure to remove any cartilage and veining. This recipe is per person, and I suggest a 1...