Norway’s First & Second

After a few months in Sweden, I had some time off and decided to take a trip to Norway. My itinerary was short and simple, it consisted of the country’s two major cities, Oslo and Bergen, and two train rides back and forth.

Bergen is a small and seemingly peaceful place, though it ss the second largest city after Oslo.

The beautiful green city of Oslo sits on the southern coast of Norway, which might explain it’s importance for maritime trade throughout Europe. Besides being the capital and economic center of the country, it offers an array of first-class culture and art institutions such as museums or a world-famous opera house. It’s also one of the world’s prime hotspots for specialty coffee.

After enjoying the city for a few days, it was time to hop on a train to Bergen, which turned out to be one of the highlights of this trip. The train goes across some mountains on its way towards the west, and suddenly there’s snow literally everywhere around you, lakes with ice swimming on the surface and everything’s lit beautifully by the setting sun. The scenery and the views are gorgeous.



Bergen is a small and seemingly peaceful place, though it’s the second largest city after Oslo. It’s beautifully situated on the southwestern coast of Norway, surrounded by some of the country’s longest fjords and highest mountains – which is why it’s also known as the city of seven mountains. What it’s probably most known for, though, are the traditional Norwegian style houses with their wooden panels, usually painted either in white or in strong colors. It’s hard not to fall in love with those beautiful houses that are spread around the city in small groups. Unfortunately, most of the city is different nowadays and the traditional parts are almost gone. What remains is tucked away between the modern architecture: at the foot of mount “Fløyen”, close to the funicular that brings tourists up the hill day in, day out, in the lovely, calm residential neighborhood “Knøsesmauet”, or at the tourist hotspot “Byggen”, close to the harbor.

Images from Bergen












Images from Oslo





All pictures were taken with my Hasselblad 503 CW on Kodak Portra 400.