Battery Point Lighthouse, United States

Name: Battery Point Lighthouse

Location: Crescent City, CA

About: Battery Point began operation in 1856, with a fourth-order fresnel lens.  Originally painted a stone color, then buff, it was repainted to white in 1887.  Automated in 1953, a 375mm lens replaced the fourth-order fresnel lens.  After automation, the lighthouse became home to a museum.  The lighthouse was not harmed in 1964 when Crescent City suffered the worst tsunami damage ever suffered in the lower 48 states (when the strongest earthquake ever recorded in the northern hemisphere struck Alaska).  Waves reaching Crescent City reached heights of up to 20 feet.  The light was turned off in 1965 and a flashing light on a breakwater became the aid to navigation.  The light was turned on again in 1982 as a private aid to navigation.

Photo: Rick Fee

Battery Point Lighthouse, CA, Crescent City