Carraig Fhada, Island of Islay, Scotland

Carraig Fhada, Scotland

Name: Carraig Fhada (often known as PORT ELLEN Lighthouse)

Location: Island of Islay, Scotland

About: This unusual lighthouse with square tower was commissioned in 1832 by Walter Frederick Campbell in memory of Lady Ellenor Campbell, his wife. There is a plaque above the door at the lighthouse, part of the inscription on the plaque reads:

“Ye who mid storms and tempests stray in dangers midnight hour. Behold where shines this friendly ray and hail its guardian tower.”
At a height of 17 metres, this lighthouse stands on the headland known as Carraig Fhada with a lovely beach called singing sands close by.  In order to reach the lighthouse you go over rocks via a small bridge.
Photo: Soozy and Colin Wilson
Carraig Fhada, Island of Islay, Lighthouse, Scotland