Diving with Sharks

It was my distinct pleasure to work for an eco-tourism shark diving operation in Florida, where we would take guests on expeditions to the famous Tiger Beach in the Bahamas to participate in cageless diving with a variety of shark species – tiger, bull, reef, lemon, nurse and the occasional Great Hammerhead.

I remember my first dive. Even though I had grown up preaching that sharks were misunderstood, I almost didn’t get into the water when I saw just how big they really are. But then I took the plunge, and it has been one of the great honors of my life to swim among these “man-eating monsters.”

Michele Heller

I'm a marine biologist, photographer, and world traveler. I see sharks differently than most and it is a passion of mine to change the public's' perception of sharks. But not only that, how do you make marine science/conservation cool and relevant in a way that will inspire and motivate people to take action?

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