Brown Box Crab, Long Beach Seafood Market: Long Beach, CA USA

The Fish Market Chronicles

At the fish market, the ocean is flipped inside out. Fish markets are windows through which one can peer into the ocean, where the biodiversity of the sea is organized, identified and priced. What began as a wandering exploration has evolved into my work – I survey and document seafood markets across San Diego County to understand what we’re eating and how we can collectively move towards a more sustainable seafood system.


These photos were taken between 2013 and 2016 across Chile, Mexico, California, Indonesia, and Japan.

Oriana Poindexter

Oriana Poindexter is a photographer, scientist, and salt lover based in Leucadia, California. A Southern California native, Oriana has been photographing the ocean, inside and out, since 2006. Website: | Instagram: @opoindex | Contact:


  1. Mackerel, Mercado Central: Santiago, Chile
  2. Salmon, Mercado Central: Santiago, Chile
  3. Congrio, Cusk Eel: Puerto Montt, Chile
  4. Brown Box Crab, Long Beach Seafood Market: Long Beach, CA USA
  5. Corvina, Mullet: Tijuana, Mexico
  6. Reef Fish: Pramuka, Indonesia
  7. Cutlass Fish: Tsukiji Tokyo, Japan
  8. Seaweed Pouches, Wholesale Market: Nagasaki, Japan
  9. Octopus Legs: Osaka, Japan
  10. Sayuri Needlefish, Wholesale Market: Nagasaki, Japan
  11. Tai Snapper Auction, Wholesale Market: Nagasaki, Japan
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