Foggy Beach

We had quite a lot of fog over the Christmas holidays, so here I am, finally having time to do some exploring, but there was almost no light to be found. At least not the great kind of light that I usually prefer, the ones that give you sunbeams in a forest. But I wanted to get out, partly because I started developing film myself, and I needed more material to work (read practice!) with. I had a roll of Kodak Colorplus 200, film I actually ordered to practice loading film on the real of the development tank, but it arrived too late for that. In other words, I had no idea what to expect from this film, but decided to try it on the beach of Scheveningen to generate some practice material. It was the last day of the year, it was cold, and it was quite early. The pier had not officially opened, but the gate was open for staff to prepare the shops etc. So I slipped through the opening in the gate, and found this weird atmosphere on the deserted pier.


All photos were shot using a Leica M2 and a Summilux 50mm lens on Kodak Colorplus 200. Developed and scanned by myself.

Aukje Kastelijn

Aukje started with photography a few years ago as an excuse to go outside and explore the world on her own without the usual dog or partner. It quickly became the other way around; she goes outside because she feels the need to create images, looking for gorgeous light and beautiful colours. Aukje posts her images regularly on her website

Aukje Kastelijn, Beach, Dutch, fog, Scheveningen, seaport, The Hague