Foraged and Free

Foraged and Free

Thirteen years ago I made the choice to live by the sea. I moved myself and my family to the Atlantic coast of Cornwall. A stretch of land only five miles wide from coast to coast and miles away from any major city. I spend my free time walking our coastline and beaches searching for all that is free. When our tides are low, the sea provides us with a wealth of free food. It’s there, you just have to look for it. Just like a surfer, I have my secret spots, known only to me. Those spots provide me with mussels, winkles, sea greens, kelp, it’s all here. Even our salt water marshes offer treats such as samphire, often referred to as “poor man’s asparagus.” When time allows it, I take my portable stove and pan with me and just cook what I’ve reaped. Sat in the dunes, looking out to sea. Life really is perfect. That’s Cornwall.


We reap from our shores
we eat from the sea
the tides roll forward
then reverse away
revealing a bounty of edible treats
sometimes in shallow pools beneath our feet


we search, we harvest, we forage for free
with soft wet sand beneath our feet
then climb into rock pools and search again
for those muscles that are hidden and breed within


Over the dunes and into the marshes
to find what they call “poor mans asparagus”
Samphire, samphire, salty and sweet
garnish your plate with this oh so free treat


Dulce, sea greens, kelp and winkles
lay on our shores ready for our table
free food, free food, gather it up
light your fire and get ready to cook


we forage, we forage, we forage for free

Rick Davy

I live on the south west coast of Cornwall and shoot all that interests me. I keep my imaging real. No photoshop or tweeks. I shoot digi and film and my style is real and vivid. I keep a camera by my side wherever I go to ensure that I never miss an opportunity to grab a frame. If I could change one thing about imaging, Id take the (A) automatic button off ever camera. Why? Find me on the web: | Email | Twitter @rickdavy