Kalk Bay, South Africa

We fell in love with South Africa a few years ago. With its people, its nature and of course, the amazing food. The first time we visited, we were road tripping through the country when Nelson Mandela passed. The feeling we were left with, after experiencing the celebration of life by an entire nation, can’t be put into words.

Besides seeking out the amazing wild life and nature, we drove down the Cape Peninsula to a small fishing village on the east coast called Kalk Bay. One of the highlights in its harbour was a Michelin-star worthy lunch in a somewhat posh restaurant, but without the Michelin star prices.

Last year we returned to the Cape Town area, to slow down a bit after a very turbulent year. We revisited Kalk Bay, and this time we decided to go for the the local’s version of the similar seafood platter. We weren’t disappointed at all because not much can beat fresh out of the ocean seafood!

We miss you South Africa, and we hope to see you again soon!

Kilian Idsinga

I’m a graphic and editorial designer from the Netherlands who self-published Let’s Explore Magazine in 2015 and launched Let’s Explore Publishers in the beginning of 2016. Fascinated by stories shared, traveling, magazines, all things visual, life in general and creating in close collaboration with others. Not willing to call myself a photographer (yet). On the web: letsexploremagazine.com | Instagram: @letsexploremag | Twitter: @letsexploremag |