Oregon Coast

I knew you before I met you. I’ve known you my whole life.” ~Nayyirah Waheed


We drove for about an hour and a half through the mountains and hills of Western Oregon until we couldn’t drive anymore. We saw it from a little way off, but the trees seemed to want to hide such a beautiful gem from our view. It was my very first time to see the Pacific. The weather was glorious, but ever changing, as the fog rolling in would block our view of the sunset that was to come later in the evening. This magical place would soon find a spot deep within my heart forever, and it is a place that I long to return to almost daily. I believe Nayyirah Waheed put it properly when I think about my feelings on the Oregon coast, and the feeling I have when I sit and remember the waves, the salt, the breeze, the views and the joy I felt when I first looked upon that stretch of seaside.

Kristina Ross

A native Texan with an adventurous spirit that has just begun to take me to places I never dreamed I'd get to experience. I'm a wedding photographer by trade, and a landscape photographer and photojournalist by hobby. I love that photography allows a person to capture the essence of their experiences in different places. Professional website: kristinarossphotography.com | Personal website: kristinarossphotography.tumblr.com

Coast, Kristina Ross, Oregon