Playing on the Coast

‘Island time’ … On the one hand it refers to pace, a certain slack attitude towards the clock. But it also refers to time well spent, away, in a place that refreshes the spirit and cleanses the soul. –


In these photographs a small group of friends explore the very edges of their home country on the Isle of Mull. With not much more than a few towels and a bottle of whisky they walk to the ocean and leap in, enjoying the inimitable therapeutic nature of looking out to (and jumping into) the sea.


All photographs taken in 2016 on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Christina Riley

Christina Riley is photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. With a background in black and white printing and digital photography, she continues to work in both film and digital mediums. Photographs are a way of communicating, able to be understood in any language and allowing her to tell stories and evoke feelings in others. She likes to keep things simple, rarely using any props or additional lighting, preferring to let the subject speak for itself. Website | Instagram | Twitter

Christina Riley, Isle of Mull, Scotland