I spent two days in September with a diving club. We went to Port-Cros and Porquerolles, two French islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Those are some of the best and beautiful French dive sites, with a very rich marine fauna and flora.


On the second morning, at Porquerolles, the boat stopped at Le Sec du Langoustier. I dove into the water with swim fins, snorkel and diving mask. Meanwhile, the other divers went 20 meters underwater with their heavy equipment to see Merous and Moray eels. At the beginning, I only saw their air bubbles because they were too far away from the surface to be visible. The divers appeared slowly one after the other and grouped together to make their safety stop, like monkeys on a tree branch. It was a beautiful underwater ballet to watch.


The photos were taken with a Lomo LC-A+, a LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing and a Canon AE-1 Program.

La Fille Renne

Hi, I'm La Fille Renne, a film photographer & osteologist from France. I work with films & instant films since 4 years. It's not my job but photography has an important place in my life, it's my way of expression. Sea is one of my favorite places. http://lafillerenne.fr/

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