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The Salt Life: Quonochontaug, RI

I took a deep breath and exhaled, my shoulders dropping noticeably as the stress evaporated into the Atlantic Ocean air. Just nine hours earlier I’d been standing on a beach 3,000 miles away in Santa Monica, overwhelmed by its sights and sounds. But now, business trip concluded and back at our beach house in Rhode Island, I delighted in the calm of this coastal New England scene. No body builders, no street performers. No boardwalks, no Ferris wheels. No shops selling tiny souvenir license plates. Just the two things my family and I treasured most: The salt and the sand.

Tim Weldon

As a Boston-based Creative Director, Tim Weldon spends his days writing ads. But come the weekend (or the occasional sick day), he can be found with camera in hand in search of stories. Beyond capturing the everyday lives of his family and friends, Tim has profiled numerous small business and nonprofits throughout New England. Tim uses a combination of digital and film cameras, and only shoots in Manual mode. Online at www.weldoncreative.com.

Quonochontaug, RI, Tim Weldon