Uneasy Tides – American Coastal Life

From Florida to California, people are drawn to the coast for different reasons. Some for fishing, others tanning and others just to be near the sounds of the sea. The pattern our ancestors set by settling near water is so unshakeable that our need to be around it is fundamental.
Whatever drives people to the beach, everyone there is ultimately craving freedom. The ocean provides something vast and unquantifiable that may be absent in our own lives. As varied as the cast is from Daytona to Venice, the only constant from coast to coast are the birds – unflappable, emblematic of pure, kinetic freedom.
Freedom remains elusive for a lot of people, though – a Maragaritaville on the horizon that never quite materializes. But as with everything, the struggle, our collective struggle, is what’s most deeply satisfying. Our holy pursuit of coastal enlightenment is as worthwhile a cause as anything.

Danny Degennaro

I'm a photographer based in Orlando, FL. I love art, people, and beer, and will do everything in my power to combine the three. Web: Danny DeGennaro PhotographyInstagram: @floridastreetphotography

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