Waking Up | Virginia Beach

On April 1 the reprieve is over, and the parking meters start charging again. Windows are thrown open, rugs are shaken out and new coats of paint freshen up almost every surface. There’s still a chill in the air, and the beaches are quiet. Come Memorial Day, the sand will be hot and the water will be crowded, but until then, the air is filled with anticipation.

Lauren Keim

A photographer and writer, Lauren Keim has lived by the sea for all of her adult life. Formerly a freelancer focusing on food and product shots, Lauren now spends her time as a photography instructor and personal shooter. Her work has been featured in museum exhibits and juried shows. With film as her medium, Lauren’s emphasis is on still-life photography where she strives to create images that are balanced and minimal and that evoke a sense of simple serenity. On the web: laurenkeim.com

Memorial Day, VA, Virginia Beach