Waiting for Summer

‘Waiting For Summer’ is an ongoing project contemplating the relationship between the people of Great Britain and her seaside.


Whatever the weather, the simple enjoyments are there for the taking, and a few extra layers of clothing ensure the pleasures of summer are never too far away.


The essence of the seaside and what it provides to the individual can trace its ancestry back to Victorian ideals. Escaping the banality of day to day life is key, through the simple pleasures of fresh air, endless horizons, uncomplicated fun and fuss-free, easy eating.


As an Island Race it is in our blood.

Stephen Fell

Steve has been a part-time freelance photographer for over seventeen years. Despite the advances in camera technology he still occasionally uses either 35mm or 120 medium-format film if he feels the subject will respond well to it, and develops and prints his own black & white film in his darkroom on silver gelatin paper. In a world of colour, black & white requires the the viewer to study the image; "You look at a colour image, but read a black and white one." Web: stephenfell.net | Twitter

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