Walking on the Beach in Montenegro

Long Beach (Velika Plaža), as the name implies, is the longest beach on the Adriatic Sea (13 km) and it stretches from Bojana to Port Milena in Ulcinj, Montenegro.

Thirteen kilometers of beautiful sandy beach, with winds almost every day during the summer, makes Long Beach ideal for water sports. One of main activities in recent years is kite surfing.

No wonder that even The New York Times included Long Beach in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010.

Although still undiscovered by many travelers from larger countries, regular visitors and an increasing amount of first time visitors make Long Beach a hot spot for vacationers.

Long Beach is most beautiful at dusk! During sunset there is an amazing color game which merges the sea, the sand and the sky into a unique image which makes it a perfect location for a shooting.

Anna Sinavskaya

One of my childhood memories about photography is packs of printed pictures of our family in the house that my dad was developing in his home lab. I have imbibed the spirit of film photography since then and even though digital photography surrounding us I find a great pleasure in metering, loading the next roll and finding a perfect angle for the picture I have in my mind. I'm a lover of my husband and three beautiful daughters. Montenegro based photographer and just a happy person. More on Instagram: @xelanyaphotography

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