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Hundested Harbor

Hundested is at the tail end of the Danish Riviera, so to speak, but rarely gets mentioned in the guides and articles. In fact, it might give you the most local flavor of all the towns on the Riviera, probably for that reason....

Rob Zeigler

Unexpected Surprises in Positano

Positano, a small coastal village on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy, is a well-known travel destination for anyone seeking peace and relaxation in a beautiful, sun-drenched location. In an essay that he wrote for Harper's Bazaar in 1953, author John Steinbeck said, "Positano bites deep. It is...

Mike Anderson F/V Rimrack Squid

Fishing Squid

When you get an opportunity to fish squid, you take it. I once again got a chance to head out on the F/V Rimrack with Captain Mike Anderson, his wonderful daughter Kelsea, and hammer-beard deckhand Brian Flood. I also went out with them in April 2015 to shoot and write...