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Lighthouses of the World

Lighthouses are perhaps one of the most beautiful man made structures along any given coast. They are often the subject of postcards and romantic visions of a solitary light beckoning their captain's return. These towering sentinels are as varied as the people that inhabit their surrounding lands...

Robert Marsters Copyright

“Wickies” – Keepers of the Light

Eighteen miles north of Boston in a town both tony and tough; the Atlantic relentlessly crashes onto its rocky coast, and the eight-legged iron exoskeleton of the Marblehead Light stands tall (105-feet) and silent as it gives mute testimony that when it comes to the ocean, humanity is...

Photo by Kris L Cox

Grays Harbor Lighthouse

The Grays Harbor Lighthouse, located on Point Chehalis in the town of Westport, WA, can be found on the south side of the entrance to Grays Harbor. Standing at 107 feet tall, it's the tallest lighthouse in the state of Washington and the 3rd tallest on the whole...