Traveling Fisherman

Raising children on the west coast in California is a true blessing; especially when your husband and eldest son can think of nothing but fishing. Give them a body of water and they’ll figure out what fish are present and how to catch them. They have become very capable DIY fishermen! El Nino has been particularly good to us this past year as they focused on the pelagic species, and we get to eat a ton of fresh fish! Once in a while, I have to travel for work so I take these opportunities to bundle in family holidays. Who says you can’t work and play? Traveling light means dealing only with carry-ons and living out of a suitcase for the duration of the trip.

LaVu Photography

LaVu Photography


We squeeze in our passions at every place we visited. In Venice, the bathroom of our hotel overlooked the canal. This was where I found my son with his hook and line. He would get annoyed as the occasional gondola passed by and disturbed his search for new species.


LaVu Photography

In Mexico the shore was my boys’ playground with many exotic species not common to California. Here, they caught their first Rooster Fish and set free baby turtles.







Cinque Terra was picturesque and a culinary delight. Each town had its unique character with a harbor that once bloomed with fishermen. Tourism has now replaced this trade, so much that the amount of visitors entering the area has to be limited.



Greece was my favorite destination thus far. Aside from the homes built on volcanic cliffs that seemed to defy gravity, there are blue domed churches at every turn. Families had erected them either for themselves, to honor someone close to them or for their community. The Greeks are some of the warmest, hospitable people that we’ve experienced during our travels. Being there was surreal. My fishermen opted not to fish on this trip. Instead, they preoccupied themselves with hikes, gyros with fries, other Greek foods and of course ice cream bars from the mini-marts.



Photographers and fishermen are akin – we chase after the same light and cloudy conditions. For this reason, you’ll rarely see us together at breakfast and dinner. We’ve either gone fishing or chasing the next great shot!

LaVu Photography